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Earth cafe was established in 2006 as another expression of Down to Earth kitchen. In continuing our strong belief in vegetarianism and natural way of lifestyle we have grown our basics into vegetarian gourmet.

Our understanding of working with the infinite universe brings freedom whilst working against it brings suffering. This understanding of complimentary antagonistics in Yin and Yang, the world of opposites, this great Oneness that creates the scenes behind and between our cells.

Our understanding of the seasons, infinite change, and qualities of different foods helps us to create our superb menus. By practicing these beliefs we provide the experience of health food in a lively colorful presentation of flavors to fit any palette. We aim to sharpen your inner compass and support your health.

Earth Cafe is a business with huge integrity!

We pride ourselves in supporting local traditional farming along with helping to educate the local community on how it is possible to improve the quality of our lives through making better choices when using natural food rather than commercial. This practice also includes basic kitchen hygiene and the effective use of unprocessed products. Eating foods that contain the natural order not only strengthens your health, but also connects you to the larger whole in that your cells resonate the big picture and your body finds its spiritual enlightenment. Earth Cafe uses organic products and produce as much as possible. Whole grains, non refined flours and sugars, and no animal products. We offer a limited choice of dairy products as an addition to the menu but do not use it in our cooking. We hope you will be enriched with the experience of eating our food and let your body lead you back Down to Earth.

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